Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Still Working!

Here is the John Deere fabric I found on line.  I have been looking for some to make a quilt for my cousin's little one.  Cool, huh!

This fabric is from Hanover Fabrics in Searcy, Arkansas.  My mother and I did a little shopping while we were there for the wedding.
This is house #1 and my really, really big tree!

House #2, fence and sun!  The picture would not go where I wanted it to.  I tried several times.  I gave up.  It is at the top of this post.  Still working and still having fun!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What a Great Day!

It is a great day!  I have a song in my heart (I sing slightly better than "one i").  I had a great day with my friends, Regina and Sharon yesterday.  We sewed a little, had lunch and talked alot!  Hubby is leaving for the weekend and as soon as he hits the door, I will be headed to one i's for more sewing.......Yippee!!!!!  I will get pictures this time.  We were just having too much fun to take pics yesterday.  Oh and I am on vacation this week (another reason I am happy).  It will end soon so I must make the best of it!!!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I'm Home!

This is the car I rented while I was in Arkansas.  It is a Nissan Cube.  I called it a baby Hummer!  We had a lot of people pointing, laughing, and wanting to look at it.  What fun!

The wedding was beautiful.  What a wonderful young couple and they liked their quilt!  Yay!!  Anyway, I am back and ready to get back to that UFO list!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

First UFO Done!

I finally finished the quilt for my nephew's wedding gift.  It is a good thing since I am leaving for Arkansas tomorrow! Whew!  One to check off my UFO list.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A day with my friend

I spent the day with Regina one Saturday and I had to take pictures of the new cutting table.  We had a great day and I finished the bag I was making for my mother.  Unfortunately, it was a finish before the UFO project got underway.  Oh well, a finish is a finish. (notice "one i" doing her Vanna impression)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Work in progress!

I am working fast and furious to finish this quilt for my nephew and his new bride!
I will be flying to Arkansas on Friday with my mother for the wedding, so I must finish soon.
I don't even have a dress to wear yet.  I have been really sick with a sinus infection and have been in bed most of the weekend.  I went to the doctor today and got an antibiotic.  Hopefully, 
things will look up!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

UFO List

  • O.K.  Here we go.  I was not going to do this because it would put to much pressure on me, but, I think I can handle it.  My UFO list:
1) Finish quilting quilt for nephew's wedding (June 13) and binding. - DONE!
2) Happy hour quilt top to finish piecing. - DONE!
3) Table runner, starting cutting and piecing.
4) Connecting threads kits: one table topper and two table runners.
5) Thimbleberries quilt from last year.  I am only up to month 5.
6) Thimbleberries quilt for this year.  I have two months blocks to finish before Saturday!
7) Purses and purse organizers requested by co-workers?  Have not officially made the commitment.
8) Window curtain for sewing room.
9) Garden Trellis quilt
10) Turning Twenty quilt
12) Chenille scarfs

That is all I can remember right now.  I think there is more.  Some of these do not qualify as UFO's.  But, I made my list.  The reflux is already starting just reading this!