Thursday, September 23, 2010

A FINISH!!!!!!!!

I am so happy to have this quilt done! It is for my daughter and her husband. I was supposed to have it done for Christmas, but that did not happen. Finally done now! My daughter is 17 weeks pregnant and confined to bed for the rest of the pregnancy. Hopefully, this will help to brighten those boring days in bed. I made the bag a couple of years ago out of the same fabrics and thought it would be a great way to gift the quilt!

I am now renewed and ready to finish more!

Happy quilting and have a great weekend!


Thursday, September 16, 2010

I Am Still Here!

I am still here and I am still quilting........just moving slow........

I did finish quilting this quilt for my daughter and her husband. Still need to put the binding on! I have so many UFO's to work on......I am slowly plugging away!

More to come!

Happy quilting!!!!!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Another give away!

Another accuquilt go giveaway! Check out the site below and enter! Good Luck!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Check out the give away!

Hello quilters! Go to the link for a great give away! It is for an Accuquilt Go cutter! Would be a fabulous prize to win. Good Luck!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Another finish!

I finished my mom's table topper! The family was over for a visit last thursday and while they were here, I finished sewing on the binding. Needless to say, mom was thrilled that it was done and grabbed it up to take it home. I had a hard time getting it away from her so I could take a picture!!! LOL Now I just need to get her pillowcases done.

Another finish to check off the list.......yippeee!!!!!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Baby Quilt Done!

Finally, I finished the baby quilt that was to be a gift for the baby shower this morning! Finished up the binding late last night and had it in the washer before I went to bed at 3 this morning! Nothing like the last!

I used a teddy bear brown and blue flannel for the backing......turned out great and mom-to-be loved it. She is a very special young lady. She received 3 handmade quilts and loved every one of them. She knew she was getting one from Regina and was hoping the rest of us quilters would also give her one. We did not disappoint her!
I also made cut out sugar cookies for favors.........they are onsies and they turned out pretty good! Everyone liked them. The shower was awesome! We have very talented women at our church and very good cooks. Our friend, Val organized it and did a marvelous job (oops, Tammy helped too) cannot forget cutie pie Tammy!
It was a marvelous morning! Had a great time and was able to check off some things from my "To Do List"...... yipppeeee!!!!

I am going to be a grandma for the first time..........we are so excited..........this may not be the first time I mentioned it and probably won't be the last..........bear with!

Have a wonderful weekend and happy sewing!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Finishing Projects..........

I have so many projects started, that I have lost count. I look at others blogs and wonder how you all get so much done and keep up with your posts. I am trying, but feel I am falling short. I work full time and know that other quilters also work outside the home. I am a nurse and find the job getting harder everyday as I get older every day! I am so happy to have quilting as an outlet for my stress. I am however, finding it hard to have enough energy to sew after an eight hour shift on my feet all day and the 90 minute commute.(sigh)

I know, I know.......I am feeling sorry for myself and boo-hoooing! But......does anyone out there find it hard to sew with deadlines(besides me)? My mother's birthday was the first of June. I decided to let her pick what she would like me to make her and she picked it out a few days before her birthday. I made sure she knew that it would not be done on her birthday, but was hoping that I would have it done within a week or so. Here it is July 20th, not done, but close. It is quilted and ready for the binding.

Next is a baby quilt that needs to be done by Saturday for the baby shower! I did work on both of these projects at Regina's cabin back in June, but they have been sitting in my sewing room since I got home. Well, needless to say, they will both be done by this weekend.

I however am feeling a bit down. Especially when I look at all the quilter's blogs out there and see how much everyone is accomplishing. As Regina keeps telling me "it is a hobby", and I know that. I will just keep looking at all your blogs out there and keep "panting" along! So quilters.....keep those posts coming and I will use them for my inspiration! On that note I am going to bed............SWEET QUILTING DREAMS!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Fourth To All!!!!

A day late on this post........seems like that is me lately. A day late and a dollar short.......

Oh well, anyway........I have so many new and old projects to post. I am in the process of organizing them and I have a baby quilt to have done by the 24th. I went to Regina's cabin last weekend and we worked on disappearing nine patches. I started a table topper for my mother also. I still have not unpacked it all, soon as I do, I will be posting pics. That's my update for this week and will have more to come soon!!!!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010


I have this friend, aka "One I". She finds all these great quilt patterns, tutorials, blogs, etc. She is always making new quilts. I mean constantly starting a new project. I can't even get one started before she is on to her second new one........"come on I say, slow down and let me catch up"..........finally, I say, "ok, that is it, I am not starting another new project"! I say, "One I, you have an illness and we need to get you some help"! But before I can get her help, she has either slipped something in my drink or I have actually drank from her cup without knowing it. Low and Behold............

Today I started her new project........hour glass blocks! They are really fun......... 2 inch strips.....

sewn together and you cut triangles...........easy.........
Sew them together...............................
tadaaaa!!!!!........hour glass blocks.............this is fun!
Now I have caught the virus..................someone please help us!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I finally finished my fall table quilt! I have had it pieced for quite some time, but it always takes me a while to quilt things. So here it is. I am happy to have it done!

Next is my table quilt with some of my husbands finished projects. He is a woodturner and has been and will be in several art shows this summer. He does excellent work, but I am a bit partial! If you would like to view some more, check out
Must keep going, more projects to come!!!!! Happy quilting!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday weekend. Enjoy the weather, family and friends. I plan on sewing some, but planting flowers too. Hugs to all!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I Love Spring and Summer!

I do love quilting and sewing! My other love is my flowers.........I took a walk around the yard today and thought I would share some of my flowers with everyone. I am hoping this weekend to plant some more.......I do enjoy gardening and am hoping to do some this summer.......

Hope everyone enjoys the upcoming holiday weekend!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Pillow cases done!

I have been making pillow cases for gifts and for are a few that I have finished lately........I am slowly making progress with my projects!

Great Weekend!

Had a wonderful weekend up north with Regina! We took our sewing machines and worked on a quilt we had planned to do at retreat! Oh what fun we had..........why does it have to end so soon. I then had to come home and have an injection in my back for my back pain. Not feeling so great right now.......hoping this will soon pass!

Regina at the cabin.................

Here is a picture of my quilt laid out, thinking I may like this one!

We got quite a lot accomplished and hoping to get more done!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hello Blogger Friends!

We got back from retreat safe and sound and I am finally getting around to post.......Sorry it took so long! We had such a good time at retreat and are looking forward to next year! I am back and pumped to sew, but.......unfortunately, I am back to work and having a difficult time managing my time......I know that many of you work full time and still make time to sew. I am just lacking in the organization dept. for now. But I will overcome!!!!!!!!

Here are some beautiful fabrics that I found online. I am going to use them in a comfort quilt, with the Take 5 pattern.

Next, my mother has requested an apron.......guesss what she is getting for mother' day!!!!!giggle
Now here is my Take 5 that I did at retreat.......just needs borders and will be ready to quilt!
And.......My favorite.......Rear Window.......found the pattern at Jen's shop. Just love it! Completed this one at just need to quilt it!
I am so excited about all my projects! I have many to finish and many more to start. Hopefully, I can get organized and I will have something every week to show. Keep quilting and send me some quilting vibes!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Quilt Retreat Here We Come !!!!!!!!!

Yes, 'tis true. Regina and I are heading out in the morning for Wisconsin. So looking forward to this weekend. Lots of sewing and fun times with a great group of friends. Hope to get a lot done, but mainly hoping to have a lot, a lot, a lot, of fun!!!!!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hello All!

Not much sewing done lately. Still working on my snowballs, but making slow progress.......Spring is trying to get a start around here. The weather was really good for a few days and now it is cold.......what can I say, it is Michigan! Regina and I are working on our kits for retreat.......not much longer and I cannot wait!!!!!! So I am hoping to get things ready this weekend and then I can spend some time on some neglected projects! Hope everyone is sewing up a storm out there!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Spring!

Happy Easter to all! Hope you all had a wonderful Easter. I spent the day with family and had a great time. The weather has been great and I think I may be pulling out of my winter blues........!!!!! Have not sewed much at all.......but, I am getting ready for retreat! 17 days and counting! WooHooooooooooo!!!!!!! I am on a mission this week to get some sewing done, so we will see how it goes. I will be doing some cutting this weekend and getting projects ready to take to retreat. Wish me luck! Since the weather is nice, it is time to get to the flower beds also........Much to do and little time!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Let's Celebrate!!!!

I have a lot to celebrate this month. March is the month I was born, and although I am getting older, I am still alive and sewing........yippee! I also injured my back at work in April of 2008 and I am finally starting to feel better for the first time in almost two years. I have had a lot of difficulty keeping my sewing mojo going, have had many ups and downs and now I am ready to get it going again...........whew, having said all that, be prepared for pictures. Tomorrow is a day off and I will be sewing all day..........more tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Update!.........I am still sewing......I think!!!!!!

It is time to make more snowballs and nine patches......February is almost over!These are fabrics I have picked out to make pillow you can see they are still pieces of fabric and not pillow cases yet!
And last but not least, my happy hour quilt is pinned and I started to quilt it and did not like it, so I am ripping..........hubby was feeling sorry for me tonight and tried to help out.............
Awwwww.......isn't he cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Busy Weekend.........

Well, no time for sewing this weekend. Work calls. I did have two days off this week and was able to finish a backing for my queen size happy hour block. (forgot to take pics) Anyway, next day off is Wednesday. I am very anxious to get back to the sewing studio. Although, I am thankful to have a job to go there! Positive attitude! Everyone sew some for me and I will be back soon!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Productive Day!

Well, I got started on my snowballs today..........six blocks done...........

Then I cut some more 2.5 inch and 6.5 inch squares for more blocks..........
.......and a put a border on my bento stop quilting it........!
I am presently working on piecing a backing for my queen size happy hour quilt and then quilting pics of that one yet.......
Not a lot for most of you happy quilters out there, but 'twas a lot for me. Had a great time today! Nothing like spending a day sewing!!!!!!!!!

Quilt Along Update.........

Ok ladies........ I am finally getting started. My fabrics are cut and ready to lay out and sew. I have finally organized myself and am in good shape (for me, that is!) I now have two sewing studios, which shall be named Upper Level and Lower Level. Lower Level was established in December 2009. It was created for the purpose of spending more time with hubby. He was feeling lonely and left out. So I found a nice table and set it up with my sewing machine that I use for craft day and sewing with my "bffl". Now I can sew while he watches t.v. However, I soon my be deaf as the volume is quite loud..........huh.........did you say something? Sooooooo.........I should have pics to post later today. Well, off to the Upper Level.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Hello quilting buddies! I am going to start on a quilt along with Regina and Linda and others. It is great motivation for me and lots of fun. I am all about fun!!!!! Anyway, here are my fabrics I have picked so far, I may add scraps as needed. So happy quilting everyone!

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Had a wonderful first day of 2010. Several of my church buddies got together today and sewed all day. We had a potluck and the menfolk joined us for lunch. I am so blessed to have so many wonderful friends. I had such a wonderful day. Forgot the camera, so no pictures. I plan on having a lot of finishes to post in the very near future!

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas and a great start to the New Year! Happy quilting to all!