Saturday, July 24, 2010

Baby Quilt Done!

Finally, I finished the baby quilt that was to be a gift for the baby shower this morning! Finished up the binding late last night and had it in the washer before I went to bed at 3 this morning! Nothing like the last!

I used a teddy bear brown and blue flannel for the backing......turned out great and mom-to-be loved it. She is a very special young lady. She received 3 handmade quilts and loved every one of them. She knew she was getting one from Regina and was hoping the rest of us quilters would also give her one. We did not disappoint her!
I also made cut out sugar cookies for favors.........they are onsies and they turned out pretty good! Everyone liked them. The shower was awesome! We have very talented women at our church and very good cooks. Our friend, Val organized it and did a marvelous job (oops, Tammy helped too) cannot forget cutie pie Tammy!
It was a marvelous morning! Had a great time and was able to check off some things from my "To Do List"...... yipppeeee!!!!

I am going to be a grandma for the first time..........we are so excited..........this may not be the first time I mentioned it and probably won't be the last..........bear with!

Have a wonderful weekend and happy sewing!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Finishing Projects..........

I have so many projects started, that I have lost count. I look at others blogs and wonder how you all get so much done and keep up with your posts. I am trying, but feel I am falling short. I work full time and know that other quilters also work outside the home. I am a nurse and find the job getting harder everyday as I get older every day! I am so happy to have quilting as an outlet for my stress. I am however, finding it hard to have enough energy to sew after an eight hour shift on my feet all day and the 90 minute commute.(sigh)

I know, I know.......I am feeling sorry for myself and boo-hoooing! But......does anyone out there find it hard to sew with deadlines(besides me)? My mother's birthday was the first of June. I decided to let her pick what she would like me to make her and she picked it out a few days before her birthday. I made sure she knew that it would not be done on her birthday, but was hoping that I would have it done within a week or so. Here it is July 20th, not done, but close. It is quilted and ready for the binding.

Next is a baby quilt that needs to be done by Saturday for the baby shower! I did work on both of these projects at Regina's cabin back in June, but they have been sitting in my sewing room since I got home. Well, needless to say, they will both be done by this weekend.

I however am feeling a bit down. Especially when I look at all the quilter's blogs out there and see how much everyone is accomplishing. As Regina keeps telling me "it is a hobby", and I know that. I will just keep looking at all your blogs out there and keep "panting" along! So quilters.....keep those posts coming and I will use them for my inspiration! On that note I am going to bed............SWEET QUILTING DREAMS!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Fourth To All!!!!

A day late on this post........seems like that is me lately. A day late and a dollar short.......

Oh well, anyway........I have so many new and old projects to post. I am in the process of organizing them and I have a baby quilt to have done by the 24th. I went to Regina's cabin last weekend and we worked on disappearing nine patches. I started a table topper for my mother also. I still have not unpacked it all, soon as I do, I will be posting pics. That's my update for this week and will have more to come soon!!!!!!