Thursday, September 23, 2010

A FINISH!!!!!!!!

I am so happy to have this quilt done! It is for my daughter and her husband. I was supposed to have it done for Christmas, but that did not happen. Finally done now! My daughter is 17 weeks pregnant and confined to bed for the rest of the pregnancy. Hopefully, this will help to brighten those boring days in bed. I made the bag a couple of years ago out of the same fabrics and thought it would be a great way to gift the quilt!

I am now renewed and ready to finish more!

Happy quilting and have a great weekend!



BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Looks great! She's gonna love it!

Moneik said...

Love the quilt and the bag! Great job! That is one of my favorite quilt patterns. I think I could make it over and over again. I hope the time goes fast for your daughter.

Cindy said...

Oh I'm sure they are going to just love the quilt and what a great idea the bag is. I never quite know how to present a quilt. These will definetly brighten her day.